“Windows not found” problem? Easy as a pie!

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The visible part of the problem in most cases is that you see Windows not found error at your Windows system startup. Once appeared for the first time, Windows not found error message window keeps on happening, and you feel that there is literally now way how you can destroy it. Amongst different types of computer-related problems Windows not found is doubtless the one of the most annoying ones. Error window, saying Windows not found displaying at Windows system load can be the result of malware business. Windows not found error message is the reason thousands users all over the world experiencing problems.

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Surely, Windows not found error message can spoil all your work or entertaining experience. If you already have the problem with Windows not found, be confident that you have thousands of “colleagues” all over the world. The file, that causes your operating system to display “Windows can’t find error message window might have been deleted or even could never exist in your computer. The essence of the Windows not found problem is that operating system tries to find some file (often at boot-up) that does not exist. Maybe there is some autorun record which some malicious program created some time ago, that now causes Windows not found error to appear at Windows system boot-up.

If operating system informs Windows not found error message, it’s the question of time when you will spare it. If you see Windows not found error for the first time, think of which third-party program could show it. Sometimes Windows cannot find null corresponds to a file, which was created by some malware and then erased by anti-spyware program or by yourself without cleaning up items in Windows registry. Searching for the file name, mentioned in the text of Windows not found error window, is nearly in vain – there is no such file in your system at all. The first thing you need to do if you have “Windows can’t find” error is scan your computer with anti virus.

We found the solution for most cases when Windows not found error occurs. More than that, thousands of people are trying to get rid of “Windows can’t find” error every single day. As a rule Windows cannot find msconfig error message means that you have a virus on your system. When your PC starts, Windows system reads a list of files that should be started automatically, and the program causing Windows not found can appear amongst them. Unoften malicious programs mask themselves as the legal ones in autoload records by specifying their files to be run by rundll32.exe or svchost.exe files.

The list of startup entries are located either in system registry, and “startup” folder in Start Menu. Trying to solve Windows cannot find path problem manually is the difficult and dangerous task. May be, Windows can not find the necessary file, deleted by the anti virus you use. Sometimes your anti-virus can lead to “Windows can’t find” error message. We know cases when Windows not found error displayed after anti virus deleted some needed program existing in autorun list.

You can find out the reason of your “Windows can’t find” error messages through looking in your autorun list. If you are professional, you will certainly need to use “Autoruns” program. One special way to find the source of Windows not found error is to turn off all startup entries, reboot and then turn them on one-by-one until the problem occurs again. Experienced user can repair “Windows can’t find” using Windows utility – msconfig.exe, because it provides more options for autorun list editing. “Autoruns” program provides advanced options for editing your startup list than any other program of this sort, that’s why it is recommended to use for professionals.

Remember that your startup list is really the first place where you should search for the file causing Windows not found problem. If you are an experienced user and want to search your autoload list and fix Windows not found error – use msconfig.exe utility shipped with your system. No matter which way you will select to clean your autoload list from Windows not found problem, be sure to make backup first! It is needed to make a backup before editing your autorun list and trying to solve your “Windows can’t find” error. Experienced users and professionals may try fix “windows can’t find” error by using msconfig.exe and “Autoruns” program. Be sure to terminate all processes associated with the program you see in the text of error window before you cleanup your autorun list.

If the process causing Windows not found problem is currently run, it will recreate the malfunctioning startup entry you removed. Using Safe Mode is comparative innocuous for fixing “Windows can’t find” error. You may also try to use System Restore to restore your Windows system to the state where there was no Windows not found problem at all. Not every possible source of Windows not found problem can be solved via msconfig.exe. Get rid of “Windows can’t find” problem you have once and forever with professional help.

Never commit your friends to get rid of your computer problems, especially with Windows not found if you are not sure if they know the exact solution. Please, do not try to solve “Windows can’t find” problem manually, if you’re not a professional. One of the effective sources of information on how to fix Windows not found is Security Stronghold company. Be convinced to seek for help of professional if you don’t exactly know what you are doing. Fixing Windows not found problem manually can be a tedious task if you are professional and dangerous task if you are a newbie.

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