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Entry point not found (explorer.EXE, applesyncnotifier.exe) – Fix

October 12th, 2009

Sometimes after the update of MS04-038 security system to the computer with Microsoft Windows XP the following Entry Point Not Found Error message can appear on the computer startup:

“Explorer.EXE – Entry Point Not Found
The procedure entry point SHCreateThreadRef could not be located in the dynamic link library DLL SHLWAPI.dll”

There are many error messages like that can be seen on the computer startup, they can be bound with different programs, for example like this one:

“The AppleSyncNotifier.exe – Entry Point Not Found
The procedure entry point xml TextReaderConstName could not be located in the dynamic link library libxml2.dll”

entry point not found error

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The reason of the first Entry Point Not Found Error message can be because the update MS04-038 was installed incorrectly. As a rule in the case of update installation failure ((SP2) in Windows XP) the system returns in its previous state. If the automatic backup did not happen, then the process of restoration of the update can partially delete it after the next computer startup. For example the automatic backup cannot take place in the case of computer DE-energization during the update installation. After the computer reboot the message can appear offering to delete the remaining part of the update manually with the help of Add or Remove Programs application.
In order to depose your computer, perform the following actions:

1. Boot your computer. (if it does not boot correctly, then boot it in Safe Mode)
2. If the error message will appear, then open your Task Manager (CTRL+SHIFT+ESC). And don’t pay attention to the additional error messages.
3. Click File, then New task (Run)
4. Type the command “control appwiz.cpl” (without quotes) and click OK.
5. If the Add or Remove Programs application does not run, then try to type another command:

%windir%\$NtUninstallKB834707$\spuninst\spuninst.exe” (also without quotes)

6. Then in the Add or Remove Programs window choose Windows XP Hotfix – KB834707 and click delete. Then follow the instructions and click finish when it will appear. Reboot your computer.
7. After the computer reboot click Start button and choose Control Panel.
8. Choose Add or Remove Programs, click update (SP2) for Windows XP, click delete and then follow the instructions. Remember the names of the program that can be installed after the update (SP2) for Windows XP. Probably you will have to reinstall them after the update removal.
9. If the Add or Remove Programs doesn’t run, use Task Manager as in the 2 and 3 items and type the command as usual without quotes:


10. Reboot your computer and then visit Windows Update and reinstall the SP2 update for Windows XP.

If all this will not useful for your case then restore the system or reinstall the operational system.

In the case of the AppleSyncNotifier.exe issue you can use the following instructions:

1. Open my computer, then local disk C:/Program Files/Common Files/Apple/Apple Application Support
2. Right-click SQLite3.dll and choose copy then return to the Apple folder and select Mobile Device Support then right-click on the window(not on the files in that folder) and select paste to add that in the folder. These instructions can solve your Entry Point Not Found Error.

Windows cannot find gpedit.msc – Windows cannot find gpedit.msc: Out of ideas?

October 5th, 2009

Don’t wait a marvel. consider that all reliable algorithms and huge competence of our backing team is that lock pick of your PC health. In spite of turned out simplicity and unimportance of some windows cannot find gpedit.msc slips you can meet many boring fall-outs. Have you ever had a question with file not found defect? That person who has already bump into windows cannot find gpedit.msc problem is a persuaded supporter of Windows cannot find error automatic solution.

windows cannot find gpedit.msc error

Periodically some files which operating system cannot discover could be erased accidentally by you or deliberately as a result of ill-intentioned software activity. Certainly, I get your being busy and realize a significant price of your time that’s why I remedy you with an effective treatment of Windows cannot find recycler question.

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Ordinary windows cannot find gpedit.msc error has many various names and threads. If you see windows cannot find gpedit.msc error message in front of your eyes it is not a certain omen of any lost, moved or erased file. maybe, the files named in windows cannot find gpedit.msc error have never subsisted. Windows cannot find gpedit.msc matter is a rather widespread problem for many users. It’s useless to blame your system for windows cannot find gpedit.msc circulating error messages, it’s better to avert against new precedents just now. “Windows cannot find XXX. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again” or something of the sort is a sign of lost files or probability of launched autorun record with function of monitoring this error message window.

Windows can relate to you about “lost” DLL files one time and another if you don’t find real reason of windows cannot find gpedit.msc slip. When Windows system can’t meet the called file it reports to you with a message on your display. It happens that you see windows cannot find gpedit.msc error due to some executable file. The importance of the battle with windows cannot find gpedit.msc error contains in the possible trouble reason. If you haven’t supplementary experience for making any transfigures in registry it’s better to pass this work to professionals.

It’s not recommended to erase or modify any files and items in system registry. Windows cannot find gpedit.msc spyware usually should be corrected with a special patch. During system update you can receive “Windows cannot find C:\filename” error message. You won’t be able to launch some applications due to windows cannot find gpedit.msc error. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again” or “Windows cannot find specified file”.

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