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Windows cannot find logon.exe – Fixing Manual

November 30th, 2009

Windows cannot find logon.exe Error

When Windows cannot find logon.exe you can see the particular error message:

“Windows cannot find ‘logon.exe’. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again. To search for a file, click the Start button and click Search.”

windows cannot find logon.exe error

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This can happen on the computer startup. If Windows cannot find logon.exe error shows up so it is very obvious that there are some other attendant problems, for example you cannot use your Internet Connection, or your user settings are not going to load. Sometimes it is impossible to open some programs, usually exactly those that are related to security of the computer, for example McAfee Security Center and even System Restore.

It can happen also that it is impossible to install and uninstall programs or even copy and paste files and folders. This problem is a very annoying one and if you are not going to eliminate it, so be ready to bear this and some other unexplained conjury on your computer.

Most likely logon.exe is not a Windows System File but a viral one that changed the System Registry. This virus was created to put its files into Autorun entries and because of them you can see the error message. Sometimes this virus uses explorer.exe and shows you some pop-ups advertisement windows (mainly in Chinese).

In order to eliminate this problem you should remove all files of logon.exe from the Startup and from the Windows Registry. After that you should check your computer for viruses and other malware with the help of new updated antivirus. Firstly we are going to explain how to remove it from the Startup:

1. Open the Command Prompt (Windows+R)
2. Type msconfig and press enter on your keyboard.
3. Open the Startup tab, find logon.exe and remove it.
4. Reboot your computer.

Then you should fix this problem in the System registry:

1. Do a backup copy of it.
2. Open the registry editor: type in the Command prompt “regedit” and navigate to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\Winlogon
3. Double click Shell
4. If you see “Explorer.exe” and then “Logon.exe,” delete the “Logon.exe” part only, and then click OK.
5. Close the System Registry and reboot you computer.

After that all the problems can be solved but still just in case scan your computer for viruses. If you don’t have any good anti-virus, then download it, install and of course don’t forget to update it. Don’t delay it, because malware can return to your computer again and cause some more harmful problems on your computer.

Windows 7 cannot find – New Error Same fix

November 23rd, 2009

From time to time some files which system cannot discover could be deleted accidentally by you or intentionally consequently of malicious programs activity. Don’t wait a miracle. o bear in mind that all exact algorithms and huge skills of our help team is that lock pick of your system wealth. Have you ever had a windows 7 cannot find problem? That person who has already run through Cannot find entry point in dynamic link library problem is a convinced supporter of windows 7 cannot find question self-acting solution. It’s not necessarily to take offense at your operating system because of lost files and annoying Gpedit.msc not found error messages. If you really require to spare your question with windows can’t find fault be ready to work hard without assistance or get quick specialized self-acting software forever.

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“Windows cannot find XXX. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again” or something of the sort is a presage of lost files or probability of launched autoload entry with function of monitoring this error message. Windows 7 cannot find fault is a rather widespread question for many users. The weight of the engagement with windows 7 cannot find trouble contains in the unobvious defect reason. It happens that you see windows 7 cannot find error because of some executable file. If you see windows 7 cannot find error message window in front of your eyes it is not a sure omen of any lost, moved or deleted file. perhaps, the files named in windows 7 cannot find error window have never lived.

Windows can relate to you about “lost” DLL files time after time if you don’t discover real cause of windows 7 cannot find slip. Common windows 7 cannot find transgression has many different names and threads. It’s vain to censure your system for windows 7 cannot find recurring errors, it’s better to prevent against new cases straight away. If you haven’t excess skills for making any transmutes in registry it’s better to pass this work to professionals. It’s not suggested to remove or convert any files and items in Windows registry.

Malicious protect is the most popular reason of windows 7 cannot find bug appearance. Windows 7 cannot find virus usually should be fixed with a special patch. Many people who have windows 7 cannot find trouble endeavor to exterminate ill-intentioned autoload record with the help of “msconfig” or “regedit” utilities. Manual endeavor to make your computer “forget” about windows 7 cannot find problem can lead to significant confusion into your operating system. During Windows update you can get “Windows cannot find C:\filename” error message window.

If your system has already protected with windows 7 cannot find virus you should be prepared for many unforeseen things. When you endeavor to launch an executable file (.exe) system can display such error message windows as windows 7 cannot find, “Windows cannot find Somefile.exe. You won’t be able to launch some software due to windows 7 cannot find bug. High-quality program for fast and reliable solution can’t be free; otherwise I see nothing in anti malicious programs industry. Because of modern access to software making Security Stronghold has achieved an optimal balance between price and quality of all anti malware programs.

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