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Windows cannot find server error – Fix Immediately

March 9th, 2011

There is no more frustrating thing than open Internet Explorer on your PC and get an “cannot find server” error message. There are several reasons why that can happen. And also there are several reasons how you can solve this problem.

cannot find server error

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“Cannot find server” or DNS error (Domain Name System error) is the most frequent consequence of the inability of your computer to make a two-way connection to the Internet. If you see this problem for the first time, please perform the following actions:

1) Try to load the page one more time. If the was loaded, then the problem disappeared, and it was just temporary error that can happen with every Internet Provider. If not, then you can try the next items and refresh the page after every step in order to see if the problem is solved.
2) Please check the page address that you typed in address bar, to be sure that is was typed correct. A mistake in the page address can cause this problem.
3) Open your internet connection settings and be sure that they correspond to your service provider or local area network. You can do it if you open tools on the top toolbar and Internet options. Under the Connections tab click Settings.
4) Click “Detect Network Settings” link on the IE error page and let you Windows OS to find the optimal connection.
5) Download DNS error fix software from the Internet (you will have to do it from another computer or ask your friend to do it). These programs can be free and they really are able to solve your problem.

If your internet connection with your provider was not weak and then you got this error message then the reason is deep inside your computer. You should remember if you have installed or uninstalled some software recently or maybe you have updated anything. Maybe your antivirus software has deleted a virus or any other malware recently just before this problem appears. If your situation is not like that one that we describe then the reason of the error can be corrupted Winsock or missed Licensed Service Provider (LSP). In order to detect if the reason of the error message the corruption of Winsock is, use one of the method with the help of Netdiag described below.

In order to use Netdiag you should install the set of Windows XP supporting tools. For that you should perform the following actions:

1) Insert Windows XP disk and open the Support\Tools folder.
2) Double-click the Setup.exe file.
3) Follow the instructions until you see the offer to choose the installation type.
4) Select Typical and click Next.

After the installation perform the following actions:

1. Click Start, choose Run type Command and click OK.
2. Type netdiag /test:winsock and press Enter.

Netdiag will show you the results and then you will find out if the state of Winsock is the reason or the “cannot find server” error. As a solution of the problem than was cause by corrupted Winsock you can try to use LSP-fix or WinSock XP Fix – Tool which fixes XP internet connectivity – to repair LSP issues. After the usage of it you should reset your computer and try to connect the Internet. img src=”” alt=”cannot find server error” /