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Windows cannot find csrss.exe – Assistance with Fix

February 11th, 2010

At the beginning we would like to tell you some information about the system file CSRSS.EXE. This file is the basic part of Win32 subsystem, and that’s why this process cannot be stopped in Task Manager, though you can see it. CSRSS is the abbreviation of the phrase “Client/Server Run-time SubSystem“, this file is responsible for console applications, creation or removal of graphical instructions and for virtual DOS machine. Its normal size is 6 kilobyte. Initially it is not a virus, but it is able to transform in it under the malicious influence of a virus or Trojan.

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In the Microsoft Security Response Center report the confirmation about the existence of Client/Server Run-time Subsystem that can lead to rise of the local rights. The code, overloading the CSRSS memory can cause the Blue Screen of Death, using WinAPI Message Box function.

That’s why the whole group of viruses that can use this vulnerability of Windows System appears. Commonly the virus (or Trojan) copy itself to the disk (or disks) in the system and to the removable drives either. The blocking of Task Manager or contextual menu of disks and folders is the typical feature of the presence of viruses on your computer. Then the reproduction of viruses into system folder or root folder happens. In that moment the startup file or viruses is created and the whole computer falls into this control process.

So if the whole process of virus infecting took place, then you should wait for appearance of error message like that:

“Windows cannot find С:\Windows\Сonfig\csrss.exe. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again. To search for a file, click the Start button, and then click Search”

Windows cannot find csrss error

The reason of such a happening can be just one visit to malicious website or Spam-mailing. In order to eliminate the Windows cannot find csrss problem you should scan your computer for viruses with the help of updated antivirus. If your antivirus doesn’t find anything harmful in your system, but Windows cannot find csrss again, then you should substitute your antivirus for another you like. But bear in mind that your windows system is surely infected and may be that is the best occasion to test your antivirus program.

Sometimes it can happen that antivirus can detect a virus in С:\Windows\Сonfig directory. Then you may delete this folder manually, because this folder is not really system one. The real Сonfig folder can be found in the System32 folder only, so the other folders with such name you can just remove, they must be malicious.