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Windows cannot find helpctr.exe – How to deal with error?

December 15th, 2010

The appearance of this error message is the evidence of the existent helpctr.exe error:

“Windows cannot find helpctr.exe. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again to search for a file, clock the Start button, and then click Search.”

Windows cannot find helpctr.exe

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This error message can show itself when you try to open Windows Help and support center in Start menu. To the other symptoms of such a mistake we can add on that locate box demands to select HELPCTR.exe patch. All these problems are caused by the lost or defective Registry Entry or App Path Problem. The faultfinding of System Registry Entries or System Files can happen under the influence of viruses and other malware and especially of spyware. You should eliminate this problem until it will not cause more dangerous errors or loss of your important data.

In order to solve this problem you may try to use different ways. The first way is to download regfixstartmenuhelp.reg. The last section REG can restore the HELPCTR.EXE App Paths. The second way is to download any antivirus (for example Eset Smart Security or MalwareBytes or Spybot S&D), install it, update and scan your computer for viruses. If it doesn’t work then find another antivirus and antispyware that will help you to find any infection, because the infection must be on your computer if you have such problems.

And of course after that you should restore the corrupted registry file. Just download reg file helpandsupportundo.reg, substitute it by the corrupted existent file. The third way how to fix the Windows cannot find helpctr.exe error is to use sfc /scannow and it will help you to restore all the corrupted files. But still you may do it together with any useful antivirus. So, if all the suggestions are not helpful for you, then try one more. Create a new user account with the admin rights. For that do the following:

1. Click Start, the Control Panel, User Accounts, Create a new User (with admin rights).
2. Reboot your PC, log on a new account and check up if the error appears again. If not, then you may return back to the Control Panel\User accounts and delete the old account. But don’t forget to save the important information from the previous account.