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Windows cannot find idlist – Widespread problem

December 23rd, 2009

Have you ever met such a problem as Windows cannot find idlist Error? If yes, then you are must be tired of annoying Windows cannot find error messages like that:

“Windows cannot find ‘/idlist,:1076:4772,\\xxxxx\xxx’. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again. To search for a file, clock the Start button, and then click Search.”

windows cannot find idlist error

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The numbers in the error massage can differ. This error appears on computer startup and some windows (for example My Documents or Internet Explorer) can be opened after the error itself. This message is about the possible loss of the file. This error can be solved with the help of specialized patch. It is not recommended to delete or make some changes for items of System Registry of your computer. Sometimes the error message is associated with explorer.exe, because the window Explorer is opening while the message error appears.

The trouble is also connected with the IP address of your computer. And if you log on another IP, you will not see such a mistake. At times the only way to eliminate this problem is to do restoration of the system. But sometimes it doesn’t work and the annoying error can return back.

The text of the error tells that you should check your Username, that’s why you may do it. If everything is correct, then try another variant. For example download Windows cannot find fix Wizard and it can help you. But it is not the only solution of this problem. Every case of this error is unique and you can never know for sure what algorithm will work for your particular case. There are some variants of probable reasons and according to them you choose the solution.

Sometimes the reason can be the breakage of Intel wireless chipset driver. Then you may download its new version and reinstall it. Very often such a problem can be the consequence of invalid or missing files or mis-configured registry. In that case there is a universal method for all disappeared files: download the Windows Cannot Find Fix Wizard. There is one more solution, created by Security Stronghold. You can also try to download and install Registry Cleaner for free, then scan your system with it and click “Repair all”. This way can eliminate this error and to preclude the other possible problems with the System Registry. But the most universal and easy method how to fix the problem is to scan your computer for viruses and malware and to restore you Windows System with the help of Microsoft Windows setup disk.