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Windows cannot find null – What and How?

September 5th, 2008

Windows cannot find null error is a common and widespread error, which can divert you from your usual and productive work or pleasant entertainment with your computer. Otherwise you can notice the error message on your computer boot-up:

“Windows cannot find ‘null’. Make sure that you typed the name correctly, and then try again. To search for a file, click the Start button, and then click Search.”

windows cannot find null error

Origin and solution for “Windows cannot find null” error

This error can make its appearance when Windows System cannot find this file on start up or any other point of work (for example on Internet Explorer start-over) and that’s why it inform you about the found error.

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Sometimes windows cannot find null error appears when there is no such a file on your computer because of some viruses or malware, which can change this file or replace by some other harmful files, generated by them. It is a very uncommon situation if there are no viruses on your computer, but the Windows Cannot Find Null Error appears. So, you should scan you Windows System with a new updated antivirus for viruses and other modern malware. Sometimes this error cannot be just a single one, besides it there can be some other problems, for example, unsatisfactory Internet connection, some disorder with the hardware of your computer, slowdown of your computer work or something else. Sometimes Windows cannot find null appears right after the anti-virus scanning, if it deleted the some necessary applications by the reason of their infection. But there are some cases when inexperienced user removed this file himself, just because he decided that it is a needless for him file.
There is a very unusual way to find harmful application Windows cannot find null:

  • 1. You should first remove all the items from Startup: Press Microsoft + R on your keyboard, type msconfig in the open field and click OK.
  • 2. Remove all ticks of the applications here and reboot your computer.
  • 3. Then you should add the applications one by one, and at this time the malware might show itself.

But you should remember that before every important action in the autoload list the backup copy of it might be ready for restoration of incorrect changes.

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So, what is the common solution when Windows cannot find null? The easiest way is to scan your computer for viruses and restore Windows system. You can do it with Microsoft Windows setup disk, pressing the buttons Windows and R on your keyboard, then sfc /scannow. So with the help of this method the Windows system will find all the corrupted files and restore them.