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Windows cannot find resycled – Don’t wait: Fix

February 1st, 2010

Don’t panic if you find out some error boxes on your computer! Even Windows cannot find resycled… Error with such texts:

“C:\resycled\ is not valid Win 32 application.”

C:\resycled\ is not valid Win 32application.

“C:\recycled\ is not a valid Win 32 application.”

C:\resycled\ is not valid Win 32application.

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Actually, it doesn’t matter what text of this error is, because these errors are caused by viruses surely. Of course there are very important system files: and But in this case (in the texts of these errors) they are not mentioned! Or they just mentioned….. What do we mean? Firstly we are going to explain that very often some viruses or malware use the names of some system processes and files in order to be unnoticed, comfortably located in your system. Here are the cases of those viruses. Now, let’s analyze the texts of them once more. Have you noticed a mistake?

Malicious Activity?

“Recycled” is written with the letter “s” not “c”. So, the malware activity is evident. And that’s why it doesn’t matter what very system files windows cannot find. Of course sometimes some problems with real system files can appear, but in the case of “” file the Windows system will not be able even to start up and it is doubtful whether you can see the error massage. And in this case only the re-installation of system can help. Be attentive with the texts of error massages; don’t let the trespassers take over you.

So, let’s return to the Windows cannot find resycled error. In this case the best solution is to scan your computer for viruses with the help of updated antivirus and after that to restore your system. It is very easy to restore the system:

  • 1. Insert Microsoft Windows setup disk.
  • 2. Press the buttons Windows and R.
  • 3. Then sfc/scannow.

But sometimes this Windows cannot find resycled error can appear again and again. In that case you should remove this process from the Startup list. You can do it by yourselves:

  • 1. Click Start and open the main menu
  • 2. Choose run, type the command msconfig in the open field and click OK.
  • 3. Click autoload, find the name of the system process in the list and remove its tick.
  • 4. Click apply and OK, reboot your computer.

Reliability and important feedback speed are the main rules of Security Stronghold assistance team affairs. Try to calculate for yourself: the only one click on green button divide you from deleting Windows cannot find resycled error and good life without boring error messages.