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Windows cannot find any networks – Fixed By Special Tool

March 17th, 2010

Sometimes when you want to connect to the Internet, you can see the error message that let you know that “the Ethernet card is not detected”. The Internet connection itself doesn’t work and Windows cannot find any Networks.

windows cannot find any networks error

In that case you should verify the work of your Internet provider. If everything works well, then the problem was caused by the problems of your computer. Often the technical support of any Internet provider can help you to check some settings of your Internet connection by phone and it even can help you. But sometimes the settings can be well-configured and the work of your provider is excellent then you and only can eliminate the problem. Or you may just call to your hard-core tech and everything will easy.

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You also may try to reboot your modem, router and computer, but if it doesn’t help then the problem is more difficult one. If the essence of the problem is not in the Internet connection, so you can try to reinstall the drivers of your modem, but if the error message appears again then may be the reason that Windows Cannot Find Any Networks because of the disconnection with your Ethernet card. Then you should verify the connection once more:

Navigate the settings: right-click My computer, manage, device manager, network connection. If the settings are correct, then the problem can be in the hardware itself (Ethernet card). If you can test it, then you should try. If not then the Windows cannot find any Networks problem can lie in the System Registry, so you can check up your Windows System for registry errors. If you don’t want to dig in the Registry Editor by yourself, just download Registry Wizard program and it will try to solve the problem.

Another way of the solution for a wireless Internet connection is to perform an IPCONFIG from the Command prompt. Follow the instructions given below:

  • 1. Click Start then type CMD
  • 2. Type in IPCONFIG /ALL at the DOS command prompt
  • 3. Find GATEWAY address.
  • 4. Type this address into your Browser (it may look like and you should see the router’s configuration page. Look your wireless configuration and security settings. May be anything is wrong there.

And the last our probable version is that the reason of this problem is a virus. May be the problem is not real, just the virus deceives you. Scan your computer for malicious objects and restore your Windows system.