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Windows file not found – Salvation from the error

July 6th, 2009

Recurring matter distracts you and takes a lot of Windows resources. The file which Windows called hasn’t a valid copy on your computer. Displayed for the first time “Windows cannot find svchost exe” error happens again and again. If you faced “Windows cannot find error” error message your computer is infected. There are some bothering things like performance loss, poor Internet connection or additional errors accompanying “Windows cannot find null” error. In your every day PC work you can encounter Windows file not found error window. Windows needs a file which does not exist in your system. The cause of Windows system instability is that Windows calls the instruction in startup and can’t find it. Occurred for the first time Windows file not found error message keeps on happening. While you try to exterminate Windows file not found virus the malware continues its malicious work.

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Disturbing problem seems to be ineradicable. The file which Windows called hasn’t a valid copy on your computer. “Windows cannot find XXX. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again” Error message happens when Windows file not found mentioned in the message or this file never existed on your computer. If you notice Windows file not found message first, think of which third-party application could show it. It might be supposed that a malicious program has ever made an autorun item which is shown as Windows file not found error window at load.

It happens that the text of error describes DLL (dynamic-link library) rather than some executable file. From time to time malware masks itself as the legal applications in autoload entries by specifying its files to be run by rundll32.exe or generic host process files. I couldn’t give you any promises if you have decided to cope with Windows file not found error manually. We also faced with the cases when Windows file not found was caused by the second part of autoload record, especially if the first part of it was connected with Rundll32.exe file. There are a lot of cases when users erased needed file because of they thought it to be unnecessary.

There are some situations when Windows file not found matter occurred again after anti virus had erased some needed program from autorun list and system can’t find and treat it then. Anti-spyware can delete the needed file and not notice a malicious one as a result of internal error or some inexact algorithms of sorting malware out from usual files. You can also attempt to return your system into the state when there wasn’t Windows file not found error but I can’t guarantee an undoubted success in this case. It only facilitates in one case from ten. In spite of your hopes not all possible reasons can be solved with the facilitate of msconfig.exe utility. If anything goes wrong you should be prepared for digging into your registry.

If the advance reasoning Windows file not found question is currently run, it will recreate the malfunctioning autorun item you erased. It is recommended to run your system in Safe Mode for fixing Windows file not found. We assure that our treatment will help you to win Windows file not found matter. You asked us to develop an effective and quick solution of Windows file not found matter – we done it. Windows Cannot Find Fix Wizard program is intended specially for easy and quick solution. Either Windows Cannot Find Fix Wizard eliminates your questions or we return your money at once. If you have any questions about work of Windows Cannot Find Fix Wizard application you can write to our assistance team and get an answer in a few minutes.