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“Windows Vista cannot find” error message. – Quick solution for it. “Windows Cannot Find” Fix Wizard download.

July 14th, 2008

“Windows Vista cannot find problem” error message often appears unexpectedly, and you can’t even remember what you did wrong before this problem occurred for the first time. Once appeared for the first time, Windows Vista cannot find error message happens over and over again, and you feel that there is literally now way how you can stop it. Searching for the file name, mentioned in the text of Windows Vista cannot find error message, usually makes no sense – there is not such file in your system at all. Maybe there is some autorun entry which some malicious program created some time ago, that now causes Windows Vista cannot find error message to appear at your startup. If you see Windows Vista cannot find error for the first time, think of which third-party program could show it.

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Small wonder that with such biography Windows Vista cannot find takes the first place in the list of problems users are constantly searching solutions for. Be sure to check your computer with the latest version of your anti virus if you see Windows Vista cannot find on Windows startup. As a rule Windows Vista cannot find error message means that you have a virus infection on your computer. If Windows Vista cannot find error is caused by some malicious program, it is often accompanied by other problems like performance loss, poor Internet connection or additional error messages. No matter how this problem came to your computer, the only definite thing is that you will have to solve it sooner or later.

If you already faced Windows Vista cannot find error message in your computer, don’t worry – we are here to help you!Legal programs from autorun list can also cause Windows Vista cannot find error message to appear at startup. Let God bless you if you want to try solving Windows Vista cannot find problem manually. When your computer boots, Windows reads a list of files that should be started automatically, and the program causing Windows Vista cannot find can appear among them. We also faced with situations when Windows Vista cannot find was caused by the second part of autorun entry, especially if the first part of it was connected with Rundll32.exe file. We know cases when Windows Vista cannot find error appeared after anti virus deleted some needed program existing in autorun list and Windows now can’t find and use it.

The other most important source of this problem is YOU who deleted some important system file thinking that it is not useful. Recently installed program can cause “Windows cannot find rundll32 exe” error message as well. If you are an experienced user and want to search your autorun list and fix Windows Vista cannot find error – use msconfig.exe utility shipped with your Windows. If you are professional, you will certainly need to use “Autoruns” program, as it provides much more options for editing your autoruns list than any other program of this kind. One interesting technique to find the source of Windows cannot find program error message is to turn off all autorun entries, reboot and then turn them on one-by-one until the problem appears again.

Not every possible source of “Windows cannot find somefile.exe. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again.” problem can be solved via msconfig.exe, so get ready to dig into your registry. For safer fixing of Windows Vista cannot find error we recommend you to reboot into Safe Mode. You may also try to use System Restore to restore your Windows to the state where there was no Windows Vista cannot find problem at all, but this helps only in one case from ten. No matter which way you will select to clean your autorun list from Windows Vista cannot find problem, be sure to make backup first! If the process causing Windows Vista cannot find error is currently run, it will recreate the malfunctioning autorun entry you deleted. Be sure to terminate all processes connected with the program you see in the text of error message before you cleanup your autoruns list.

Be sure to seek for help of professional if you don’t know exactly what you are doing. One of the reliable sources of information on how to get rid of Windows Vista cannot find is Security Stronghold company. We created Windows Cannot Find Fix Wizard program to help you solve the specific problem you have. The decision to develop Windows Cannot Find Fix Wizard came to us when we got overwhelmed with the amount of support requests regarding the problem like you have. We put our best knowledge and five years of experience into Windows Cannot Find Fix Wizard.

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In fact, solving your problem with our Fix Wizard is as easy as one mouse click. We do guarantee that Windows Cannot Find Fix Wizard will solve your problem with Windows Vista cannot find or we return your money immediately. Security Stronghold often treats their customers as the best and most valuable partners – we here to help you, after all! Just purchase our solution for Windows Vista cannot find error and forget of the problem you have forever.

Windows Cannot Find Error Message – Fast Solution Found!

June 13th, 2008

There are some unpleasant incidents when Windows finds out the absence of some important system processes, such as: null.exe, rundll.exe, dfrgui.exe and others. At this time you may see Windows Cannot Find Errors on-screen:

… and many others.

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These are some very important system processes and libraries for Windows system and if Windows cannot find them and so they cannot carry out their functions, in this situation Windows Cannot Find Error appears. The reasons of this absence this system processes and libraries can be different. For example, the processes could be deleted or replaced by viruses or by the inexperienced user. The other reason, as a variant, can be in the system failure during the removal of some programs because of viruses or computer disrepair. Or sometimes the user himself can delete the folder of one of the necessary programs on occasion, but because of this incorrect removal the program remain in the autoload.

Often this error is not very dangerous, but sometimes they can break the usual work of Windows system, that’s why it would be better to obviate them. In order to eliminate Windows Cannot Find Error you should do the following. It is more comfortable to print the article before the actions.
The easiest method is to do the virus scan with the help of your anti-virus. And then you should restore Windows System with the startup disk. Boot the feeder dial Windows and press R in the second window of windows installer wizard.

Then you should delete these system processes from the autoload. Do the following:

  • 1) Click “Start” key and open the main menu, choose “Run“.
  • 2) Type the command “msconfig” in the open field without quotes and click OK.
  • 3) Click on “Startup” tab, find the name of the system process in the list and remove its tick, then click apply and OK.
  • 4) Reboot your computer.

If you are not sure what process are you going to remove from the Startup, you may use Registry Cleaner program, it has the detailed description of the registry entrances. The other variant is to use Windows Cannot Find Fix Wizard, it can help either. Download it here:

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This program can correct Windows cannot find errors such as msconfig.exe, rundll.exe, svchost.exe, spoolsv.exe, spoolsv32.exe, winupdate.exe, null.exe, explorasi.exe, taskmgr.exe and others by their restoration or by removing their reference in the registry.